current estimates have medicare running out in 10 years and social security running out in 2037. i'm very upset that i have to pay into these funds seeing as i will not be able to ever recieve from these funds. its theft. at my current pay rate i'm working 1 out of 14 days for these two funds. so here is my "shout out" to shannon. shannon, can you fix this? you know, mess with the books a little? 

seriously though, does this not bother anyone else?


sos said...

right there with you. it bothers me a great deal. i started my 401k a couple weeks back and i sat down to speak with my new financial adviser (sounds swanky, eh). i was talking to him about the future and such and at one point he said "cause let's face it, by the time you retire, social security will be non-existent" and then chuckled.

i didn't find it very funny. you're right, it's theft and has gone completely under the radar. i guess people don't mind blindly giving up chunks of their hard earned pay.

Anonymous said...

YEA! Shout out to me...although publicly stating that you think I am pretty would have worked too!
Just kidding...sorry I can't "fudge" the books for you or control the SSA...believe me, I feel your pain and I would fix it if I could!!!!