This summer I will be a camp counselor for 7-10 year old boys(as I was last year). Its called Camp Wabanna, and starting June 2nd its best that you reach me by mail at...

Jake DeShazo
101 Likes Rd.
Edgewater, Md 21037

...until August 8th.
for sale: around 10000 baseball cards. about 2000 are other sports.
a man named Kim gave this to me on the chinatown bus, he said it changed his life. click to make it bigger.

i just had a weekend in new york
a view across the river
found this in the grass
current estimates have medicare running out in 10 years and social security running out in 2037. i'm very upset that i have to pay into these funds seeing as i will not be able to ever recieve from these funds. its theft. at my current pay rate i'm working 1 out of 14 days for these two funds. so here is my "shout out" to shannon. shannon, can you fix this? you know, mess with the books a little? 

seriously though, does this not bother anyone else?
long days outside have consisted of lifting, shoveling, moving washing machines and the weather couldn't be better(hardly used AC or heat since i arrived in april). 

more of the nieghbors deer

suggestions for new music?
a couple osprey have nested on the crabbing peer
i got closer to the deer this time but they ran click to view larger

grocery list

1lb country ham
1lb hog jowl
1 dozen eggs
4 can biscuits
1 gallon milk
1 box oatmeal squares cereal

So I've got my meat group, fat group, and proteins, as well as the biscuits and milk group taken care off, fiber is covered with the cereal. This is supplemented by a variety of legumes(boiled peanuts and pinto beans)I have received through donations.

Its okay guys, I take vitamins.

freecycle is a website/group/utility you can use to give and receive things for free. i have seen it in action at here at camp and it can really deliver the goods. look it up.

old negatives

these are all from highschool, most from 04-05

brief trip

I will be flying out to Huntsville early tomorrow morning, and I'll be back Sunday night. I haven't been home since january and won't have another opportunity until sometime in August. visiting family, grabbing some swim trunks and sandals, then back to maryland.