the job that i hold

Today I...

- Attended the weekly Camp Wabanna staff meeting
- Went to the Marina to pick up the camp sailboat
- We were unable to tow the sailboat back to camp
due to high winds and incoming tide
- Sanded and primed a deteriorated bathroom stall
- Returned to the Marina to leave a broken ski boat
and park the sail boat.
- Threw away old bibles
- Spread grass seed on the back lawn of the lodge
and threw down some hay
- Attempted to repair a clogged P-trap on a sink
(Will continue this project tomorrow morning)

I have also accomplished tasks such as "Painting the Gymnasium" and "Building an Osprey Roost". Multiple times a week I play "find the leak" and "remove the nest from the end of the crabbing peer". I very much enjoy the job that I hold, as it varies so widely day to day. Soon I may be exterminating rodents, reseting a stone path, or fixing boats.

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