books since jan 27th

Used book stores are common in Portland and there are numerous goodwill stores in the city that are stocked like small librarys. So I can proudly say these were all purchased at prices between .25 and 5 dollars.

Visions of Cody - jack Kerouac
Babbitt - sinclair lewis
one flew over the cookoos nest - ken kesey
sometimes a great notion - ken Kesey
1984 - George Orwell
blue like jazz - donald miller
oryx and crake - margaret Atwood
In search of bisco - erskine Caldwell
inferno - Dante
a portrait of the artist as a young man - James Joyce
walden and civil disobedience - thoreau
Old man and the sea - ernest Hemingway
elmer gantry - sinclair lewis
kidnapped - Robert lewis Stevenson

I have read most of these and the classics (1984 and the like) at least twice and recomend the Kesey and Orwell for some good deep fiction

Very excited to pick through the Dante and Thoreau finally

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Will Govus said...

i need visions of cody to finish off my kerouac collection