Anxious to head

Though I am having a fantastic time in Portland I am anxious to move again. I have developed a daily routine of getting coffee every morning where I will read a difficult book for 20 minutes or so, write a page of stories and thoughts about the previous day, then pick up a novel or newspaper and sit until my coffee is cold or empty. Mid day I'll go for a long walk around the city which ends at taco bell most days. Afterwards I'll talk to some of the homeless and head back to the van where I'll read until I get sleepy and talk with my friend nich when he comes and goes. Between all these activities is when all the good stories happen, some of which I'll write about when I have a computer handy and a heated room to dictate in.

I couldn't imagine being homeless (or vanless), not to mention jobless. It leaves you with a lot of constructive energy that you don't know what to do with. Reading writing and shooting photos is just enough to keep me sane when I'm not travelling or in school/work. I have urges to build things and fix things when I am sitting still like I am now.

I can't wait for summertime. I will hopefully be doing alot of hiking and travelling and more in the wilderness by foot. The thought of being away from the ever present street lights and 7-elevens kept me up up all night. To sweat, drink sweet tea, and watch the afternoon thunderstorm come in while I sit in a rocking chair on a nameless front porch is a pleasure I look forward to.

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