I made it to camp wabanna in edgewater md where I was a councilor last summer. I will be working maintanence here until June.

I haven't slept on a matress or in a heated room in quite some time (save a couple nights on Petes couch last weekend, or seen the temperature go above 55 since Colorado Springs.

My laptop charger will be coming in soon and my film scanner as well. I have about 13 rolls I am looking forward to.


in missoula with will and pete at the university. chicago by friday. maryland by monday or tuesday.

Anxious to head

Though I am having a fantastic time in Portland I am anxious to move again. I have developed a daily routine of getting coffee every morning where I will read a difficult book for 20 minutes or so, write a page of stories and thoughts about the previous day, then pick up a novel or newspaper and sit until my coffee is cold or empty. Mid day I'll go for a long walk around the city which ends at taco bell most days. Afterwards I'll talk to some of the homeless and head back to the van where I'll read until I get sleepy and talk with my friend nich when he comes and goes. Between all these activities is when all the good stories happen, some of which I'll write about when I have a computer handy and a heated room to dictate in.

I couldn't imagine being homeless (or vanless), not to mention jobless. It leaves you with a lot of constructive energy that you don't know what to do with. Reading writing and shooting photos is just enough to keep me sane when I'm not travelling or in school/work. I have urges to build things and fix things when I am sitting still like I am now.

I can't wait for summertime. I will hopefully be doing alot of hiking and travelling and more in the wilderness by foot. The thought of being away from the ever present street lights and 7-elevens kept me up up all night. To sweat, drink sweet tea, and watch the afternoon thunderstorm come in while I sit in a rocking chair on a nameless front porch is a pleasure I look forward to.


In the end gravity will get you. It gets you 8 hours day after the sun disappears. Think about it.

On the lighter side of things pete will be out in a week. Very excited to be in the company of a freind and see the north/midwest for the first time.

There is blood in the water.

Recently I have given a great deal of thought to the way the native Americans were slaughtered and pushed west and people brought from africa against thier will(I say people instead of slaves because they weren't slaves until we called them that and imprisoned them). For some reason I have considerable guilt about the whole thing. Even though I do have native American blood (from both sides) and many of my ancestors were poor as any freed slave I know that I have had more opportunities to succeed and be treated well than "non-white" people.

While this is an increadible country and the most diverse in the world it is difficult for me shake that we became so successful through exploiting people that had no defense(not to mention we did this as Christians).

Just something to think about...

"did you save up for this"

yeah I saved up, its just that I've spent it all. 200 dollars left 2800 miles to go 20 more days till employment

no worries. the next 2k miles gas will be split a few ways


Just traded 25 lbs of rice for fingernail clippers 2 burritos and a laundry bag - its free and can be very useful


words that you never hear, harvested from books the last week


books since jan 27th

Used book stores are common in Portland and there are numerous goodwill stores in the city that are stocked like small librarys. So I can proudly say these were all purchased at prices between .25 and 5 dollars.

Visions of Cody - jack Kerouac
Babbitt - sinclair lewis
one flew over the cookoos nest - ken kesey
sometimes a great notion - ken Kesey
1984 - George Orwell
blue like jazz - donald miller
oryx and crake - margaret Atwood
In search of bisco - erskine Caldwell
inferno - Dante
a portrait of the artist as a young man - James Joyce
walden and civil disobedience - thoreau
Old man and the sea - ernest Hemingway
elmer gantry - sinclair lewis
kidnapped - Robert lewis Stevenson

I have read most of these and the classics (1984 and the like) at least twice and recomend the Kesey and Orwell for some good deep fiction

Very excited to pick through the Dante and Thoreau finally


in Portland until the 19th.

20th pick up pete and friend in Seattle. Hang with andy for a little and camp some.

Get pete and friend back to Chicago by the 30th

Get to camp wabbana in maryland by April first to start job doing maintanence

Right now staying with Nich in Portland shooting photos tomorow morning

In other news.

I have been in Portland the last three or four days. Its very nice and the high concentration of coffee shops and used book stores (you can always see one from the other) alows hours of literature gawking at streetcorner fiddlers and avoiding the local addict on the corner shouting to some invisible adversary across the street.

Portland and New Orleans are my favorite cities.

Paul Harvey

Paul Harvey passed away today.