Pt. 2 Eugene

After I left Kings Canyon I started back down and across to get to the coast of California. I need to add that the moment I left Death Valley the scenery changed from desert to green grass with lots of cows and sheep. The drive from at the bottom of the Sierras was one of the most remote but most pristine farmland I have ever seen.

San Francisco - My dad used his Mariot points to put me up in a Courtyard for a couple nights in Oakland. I road the train to San Fran the first morning and walked around the city. Its a very expensive city but real nice. The people of course were very different though I have a feeling the Haight St. Ashbury district atracts abnormally large numbers of people who are overly nostalgic of the 60's countercoulture peace movement. I'm sure a lot of these people had very solid politics and great ideas of what they want society to become but the culture seemed based around head shops, record stores and vintage fashion. I found it ironic that while they push so adamantly for change and expansion of the arts that they themselves are the 2009 version of what really occured there. That being said I would still say that there is a greater ratio of well informed interesting people than most places I've been.

Berkley - I road the train to Berkley and walked the campus. I like Berkley a lot and would consider living in that area/going to school there if the opportunity presented itself.

Highway 1 /101/ RedWoods - This has been one of my favorite places. The coastal highway has been good to me despite the constant rain. If I had known the Redwoods would stop all together once I entered Oregon I would have spent a week there. The trees are bigger than you can wrap your mind around. I'll post photos when I get home. I say with confidence that you have to see the redwoods at some point.

Oregon - Once I entered Oregon the people were nice again. I would dare to say Alabama nice. The coast of Oregon really looks more like the coast of Maui without the sunshine.

I'll be headed to Portland in a few days and I'm very excited about it.

I would like to type more out and give more than locations and scenery but there is no chair for this computer and my parking meter is probably up.


Will Govus said...

man, sounds so great. i was surprised to see you're already up in oregon! make sure to hit up kohlton in washington.

Anonymous said...

Portland is such a nice place, its so relaxed, enjoy it :)....looking forward to seeing any pictures you've taken when its all done