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Since my last update I have been all over the west coast.

Locations since the Grand Canyon:

- on the drive to Zion I missed my highway to cut across on. I ended up taking a side road that would get me back to an interstate, the road ended up being about 60 miles of winding road, taking me up to around 8000 feet. As I got on the road I saw signs warning of heavy deep snow. Ended up taking nearly two hours to make it to the interstate. The snow was about 4 inches and falling fast and the snow banks on the side of the road were about 8 feet tall and created a sort of one lane tunnel to follow.

Zion National Park - Zion was very beautiful. I liked that unlike the Grand Canyon you can actually grasp the size of the canyons that you are in. I was there on valentines day and it seemed a pretty popular place to take your significant other. It was very picturesque but I was bummed out that they had put a road through the middle of the canyon.

Las Vegas - Las Vegas is dirty, even in the nice sections.

Death Valley - Driving towards Death Valley I was looking forward to the hot dry air and the bright sun. I planned on hiking around the park and camping out a few nights. As I entered the park, the moment I passed the sea level sign it began to rain. The rain let up a little and I hiked to some dunes, the moment I got to the dune I was trying to reach it began to thunder and rain. So I hiked back through the rain, hopped in the van and left death valley.

Sequoia/Kings Canyon - in Southwest California close to death valley. I made it up to the park and was told that snow chains were required to make it up to the giant tree grove. This being one of the highlights of my trip bummed me out. So I drove up to the highest point I was aloud to go and attempted to hitchhike the 3 miles to the grove. I was unsuccessful as Southern Californians just aren't that nice. I would have walked but the road was narrowed from the snow and there weren't any safe places to walk. Drove around to the other park entrance along the bottom of the sierras and was met by similar snow warnings, and as much as I wanted to see the trees, the sun was setting and I didn't want to be THAT guy that slid off the mountain.

I will continue with a second post...

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