Colorado springs

so I am currently in Colorado springs at my uncles place. Well technically I am in my van pirating some Internet in some nieghborhood. Colorado springs is fantastic with a perfect view of pikes peak. When I got here on Thursday night it was 70 degrees but the temp has since dropped. I saw a lot of great stuff on the drive up. I saw cattle ranches, camel ranches, and something like antelope ranches in new Mexico before I turned north to Colorado.

So after I left Birmingham I began the journey west. Going through Shreveport was not eventful and the usual southern landscape with the exception of some swamps. I got in to texas and started taking my time on Tuesday. I also saw some huge windmill farms.

The west overall is amazing and hundreds of times larger than you imagine. I'll say more about this when I'm not typing on this itouch.

Van sleeping. Sleeping in the van is interesting. Finding spots to sleep is sometimes difficult and frustrating but is rewarding when you wake up with 30 extra bucks of course the sacrifice is waking up to squealing breaks and frozen food and water not to mention not having showers available. Washing in a public restroom can be frustrating.

Again, expect a more thurough update soon assuming I find a computer.

Will be leaving for santa fe as soon as my health insurance card arrives.

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