I slept amazing last night. All the way through 9 in the morning. Sleeping in the van is getting too easy.

Pt. 2 Eugene

After I left Kings Canyon I started back down and across to get to the coast of California. I need to add that the moment I left Death Valley the scenery changed from desert to green grass with lots of cows and sheep. The drive from at the bottom of the Sierras was one of the most remote but most pristine farmland I have ever seen.

San Francisco - My dad used his Mariot points to put me up in a Courtyard for a couple nights in Oakland. I road the train to San Fran the first morning and walked around the city. Its a very expensive city but real nice. The people of course were very different though I have a feeling the Haight St. Ashbury district atracts abnormally large numbers of people who are overly nostalgic of the 60's countercoulture peace movement. I'm sure a lot of these people had very solid politics and great ideas of what they want society to become but the culture seemed based around head shops, record stores and vintage fashion. I found it ironic that while they push so adamantly for change and expansion of the arts that they themselves are the 2009 version of what really occured there. That being said I would still say that there is a greater ratio of well informed interesting people than most places I've been.

Berkley - I road the train to Berkley and walked the campus. I like Berkley a lot and would consider living in that area/going to school there if the opportunity presented itself.

Highway 1 /101/ RedWoods - This has been one of my favorite places. The coastal highway has been good to me despite the constant rain. If I had known the Redwoods would stop all together once I entered Oregon I would have spent a week there. The trees are bigger than you can wrap your mind around. I'll post photos when I get home. I say with confidence that you have to see the redwoods at some point.

Oregon - Once I entered Oregon the people were nice again. I would dare to say Alabama nice. The coast of Oregon really looks more like the coast of Maui without the sunshine.

I'll be headed to Portland in a few days and I'm very excited about it.

I would like to type more out and give more than locations and scenery but there is no chair for this computer and my parking meter is probably up.

I'm in the University of Oregon Library (Eugene)

Since my last update I have been all over the west coast.

Locations since the Grand Canyon:

- on the drive to Zion I missed my highway to cut across on. I ended up taking a side road that would get me back to an interstate, the road ended up being about 60 miles of winding road, taking me up to around 8000 feet. As I got on the road I saw signs warning of heavy deep snow. Ended up taking nearly two hours to make it to the interstate. The snow was about 4 inches and falling fast and the snow banks on the side of the road were about 8 feet tall and created a sort of one lane tunnel to follow.

Zion National Park - Zion was very beautiful. I liked that unlike the Grand Canyon you can actually grasp the size of the canyons that you are in. I was there on valentines day and it seemed a pretty popular place to take your significant other. It was very picturesque but I was bummed out that they had put a road through the middle of the canyon.

Las Vegas - Las Vegas is dirty, even in the nice sections.

Death Valley - Driving towards Death Valley I was looking forward to the hot dry air and the bright sun. I planned on hiking around the park and camping out a few nights. As I entered the park, the moment I passed the sea level sign it began to rain. The rain let up a little and I hiked to some dunes, the moment I got to the dune I was trying to reach it began to thunder and rain. So I hiked back through the rain, hopped in the van and left death valley.

Sequoia/Kings Canyon - in Southwest California close to death valley. I made it up to the park and was told that snow chains were required to make it up to the giant tree grove. This being one of the highlights of my trip bummed me out. So I drove up to the highest point I was aloud to go and attempted to hitchhike the 3 miles to the grove. I was unsuccessful as Southern Californians just aren't that nice. I would have walked but the road was narrowed from the snow and there weren't any safe places to walk. Drove around to the other park entrance along the bottom of the sierras and was met by similar snow warnings, and as much as I wanted to see the trees, the sun was setting and I didn't want to be THAT guy that slid off the mountain.

I will continue with a second post...

Santa fe, flagstaff, grand canyon

I left colorado springs Tuesday morning.

Since then:

Somewhere north new Mexico- met a guy named anthony or something. Saw him waving on the side of the highway so I picked him up. His car had run out of gas. So I took him to get some and back. Very cool guy. Gave me fifteen bucks.

Santa Fe - for some reason I went through Santa fe very quickly. I love northern new Mexico but wasn't feeling it when I drove through. I also Realized there that I'm not in this to see cities. Every city has its interesting points in achitecture and differing ethnicities (alot of native American in the southwest very cool) but other than that it is the same. The same oppresed minorities and the same rich guys in f-350's on their cell phones, the same applebees walmart goodwill hooters holiday in tacobell subway in every other part of the country. No offense Santa fe its not your fault.

Flagstaff - I like flagstaff alot. It is mostly devoid of the typical junk. Flagstaff was fresh out of a blizzard when I arrived. Snow piled up seven feet on the curbs. I got there around sunset and parked in a nieghborhood to take photos of the huge snow drifts and the cars they covered, I realized I was out of film and was approached by a man claiming I put a bunch of clthes in his dumpster. I said he dude that's not my stuff and he said yes it is you areparked in front of it. So I said HEY leave me alone why would I put childrens clothes in your dumpster I'm nineteen so he called the police as I left. I guess I'm wanted in flagstaff now.

Grand canyon - I won't describe it. Go for yourself. I arived there yesterday morning and decided to go for a hike to thecanyon floor and back. Six miles down then six miles up all at a twenty percent grade. Jogged to the bottom and had lunch on the Colorado and started the journey up. A couple miles up I met a guy named Murray, a Jewish atheist with slight autism. Very smart man. He was very experienced and talked with me for thenext four hours. He also let me use one of his poles. A snow storm came in a mile I'd two from the top and Murray started shivering so I drove him back to the lodge. Thanks for all the help Murray.

The van- 8 degrees when I woke up this morning. The last week I've had to suck on my contacts to melt them and often have to wait a few hours before my penut butter unfreezes. Its all good though. I'm warm and I'm sleeping well.

Headed to- zion national park in Utah

Colorado springs

so I am currently in Colorado springs at my uncles place. Well technically I am in my van pirating some Internet in some nieghborhood. Colorado springs is fantastic with a perfect view of pikes peak. When I got here on Thursday night it was 70 degrees but the temp has since dropped. I saw a lot of great stuff on the drive up. I saw cattle ranches, camel ranches, and something like antelope ranches in new Mexico before I turned north to Colorado.

So after I left Birmingham I began the journey west. Going through Shreveport was not eventful and the usual southern landscape with the exception of some swamps. I got in to texas and started taking my time on Tuesday. I also saw some huge windmill farms.

The west overall is amazing and hundreds of times larger than you imagine. I'll say more about this when I'm not typing on this itouch.

Van sleeping. Sleeping in the van is interesting. Finding spots to sleep is sometimes difficult and frustrating but is rewarding when you wake up with 30 extra bucks of course the sacrifice is waking up to squealing breaks and frozen food and water not to mention not having showers available. Washing in a public restroom can be frustrating.

Again, expect a more thurough update soon assuming I find a computer.

Will be leaving for santa fe as soon as my health insurance card arrives.

Birmingham, AL

In Birmingham at UAB Library currently.

Leaving Alabama tomorrow to head in the general direction of Colorado Springs.