To those who have never seen where I live...

Most nights are spent with windows open, most nights I fall asleep to the sound of the ocean. Every night driving in I count the deer, of which I typically count 10 or 20. There are large number of foxes on the property and I can come within just a few paces of most of them. Its very dark here at night and I commonly see shooting stars. I look out my window in one direction and see the bay, on the other I see the river.
just read breakfast of champions by kurt vonnegut

Chicago for the coming weekend. Will be a nice break from school and work.


I listened to Yeasayer in a vague sense a while back and finally burned a their cd and put it in my car a few days ago and .... listen.... @ 2:30

I have decided recently to live here in Maryland. I will be enrolling in school tomorrow morning. My address is the same as the Maryland address in the previous entry.
This summer I will be a camp counselor for 7-10 year old boys(as I was last year). Its called Camp Wabanna, and starting June 2nd its best that you reach me by mail at...

Jake DeShazo
101 Likes Rd.
Edgewater, Md 21037

...until August 8th.
for sale: around 10000 baseball cards. about 2000 are other sports.
a man named Kim gave this to me on the chinatown bus, he said it changed his life. click to make it bigger.

i just had a weekend in new york
a view across the river
found this in the grass
current estimates have medicare running out in 10 years and social security running out in 2037. i'm very upset that i have to pay into these funds seeing as i will not be able to ever recieve from these funds. its theft. at my current pay rate i'm working 1 out of 14 days for these two funds. so here is my "shout out" to shannon. shannon, can you fix this? you know, mess with the books a little? 

seriously though, does this not bother anyone else?
long days outside have consisted of lifting, shoveling, moving washing machines and the weather couldn't be better(hardly used AC or heat since i arrived in april). 

more of the nieghbors deer

suggestions for new music?
a couple osprey have nested on the crabbing peer
i got closer to the deer this time but they ran click to view larger

grocery list

1lb country ham
1lb hog jowl
1 dozen eggs
4 can biscuits
1 gallon milk
1 box oatmeal squares cereal

So I've got my meat group, fat group, and proteins, as well as the biscuits and milk group taken care off, fiber is covered with the cereal. This is supplemented by a variety of legumes(boiled peanuts and pinto beans)I have received through donations.

Its okay guys, I take vitamins.

freecycle is a website/group/utility you can use to give and receive things for free. i have seen it in action at here at camp and it can really deliver the goods. look it up.

old negatives

these are all from highschool, most from 04-05

brief trip

I will be flying out to Huntsville early tomorrow morning, and I'll be back Sunday night. I haven't been home since january and won't have another opportunity until sometime in August. visiting family, grabbing some swim trunks and sandals, then back to maryland.

lets trade

i would like to trade mail with you. i will send you a 4x6 or two in exchange for a 4x6 of yours or an envelope with some drawings on it/in it with some snail shells, buttons, baseball cards etc... i will be at this address until the first week of august.

Jake DeShazo
101 Likes Rd.
Edgewater, MD 21037

the job that i hold

Today I...

- Attended the weekly Camp Wabanna staff meeting
- Went to the Marina to pick up the camp sailboat
- We were unable to tow the sailboat back to camp
due to high winds and incoming tide
- Sanded and primed a deteriorated bathroom stall
- Returned to the Marina to leave a broken ski boat
and park the sail boat.
- Threw away old bibles
- Spread grass seed on the back lawn of the lodge
and threw down some hay
- Attempted to repair a clogged P-trap on a sink
(Will continue this project tomorrow morning)

I have also accomplished tasks such as "Painting the Gymnasium" and "Building an Osprey Roost". Multiple times a week I play "find the leak" and "remove the nest from the end of the crabbing peer". I very much enjoy the job that I hold, as it varies so widely day to day. Soon I may be exterminating rodents, reseting a stone path, or fixing boats.

Wind Turbines

(click to view the wind turbines larger)

I found these in Northern Texas. I thought I was very close to them when I saw them, however I soon discovered that the Wind Turbines were in fact about five miles away from the highway.

Joshua Trees

This is a Joshua Tree forest I saw after a snow storm above Death Valley. The entire time I was in Death Valley it snowed and rained.


Every night a herd of about 30 deer can be seen across the street from my apartment. There is an old retired doctor that feeds them daily and the numbers seem to be increasing. Often at night as I am walking across the soccer field to the lodge I'll realize that I stand in the midst of 30 sleeping deer. Here is a rough picture of this "herd".

(click on the photograph to view larger)


will govus on a windy prarie in south dakota

film scanner

I finally got a film scanner...

For the next couple days or weeks I'll be posting photos taken on my journey around the country.

I made it on to the fresh meat page of The Photographic Dictionary.

Journal exerpt: March 19th, 2009

"So what do you wanna do today brother Jacob?" "Aaron" I say "you know what we're gonna do"

He can't finish his beer after those stinging words and smashes it against the side of the dumpster, he's been dreading this. I wait as he howls at himself and stomps around in circles. I look him in the eye to let him know I'm serious. "You gonna take me to the treatment center?" "you gonna take me to see mah daughter brother jacob??" "yeah" I say, we're going to see your daughter today.

"Wear the Sienfeld jeans, they look beter than those baggy khakis." I say. "Get the beer off your breath man, you don't want to make that kind of impression..." "here, eat some of these crackers and drink some water, I'm not taking you to see her unless your clean and sober, use that bathroom at the gas station to wash up, they won't mind" "You gotta stop cryin man, harden up" Aaron is a wild man at six foot six with a wide lanky gate and a politicians swagger, but he doesn't protest my firm words.

Its St. Patricks day today, so he makes sure his little green sock is displayed in his front pocket. He feels ashamed that he is wearing donated clothes we picked up yesterday, he doesn't like looking shabby. "We'll stop at Fred Meyer and get her a toy and you can pluck a flower from the Easter display" Aaron brings the bunny to the register with an excited swagger, I give him the money to pay for it. He goes to the deoderant isle and puts on some aftershave and spray deoderant. "I smell like an old man now Jake but its better than nothin!" I firmly aprove of his new attitude and assure him that I can no longer smell the beer.

As I drive toward the house, Aaron wrestles between fits of joy and intense dread. Though visiting priveleges are weekly its been a months since he's seen his daughter.

Sabrina is a beautiful 2 year old girl.

Aaron gives her the bunny and the flower out of his shirt pocket. This is all I can see through the glass door on the front porch of the house. His daughters mother glares at me in silence over the end of her cigarette and I take the hint and walk back to my van. Crying but laughing with joy he later says "She...she eheahaha she was trying to feed that little flower to the bunny...didn't seem too bright but shes still too young to tell...". As we leave the nieghborhood Aaron sobs, and I know its no longer for himself.

We arrive at the mall after our quiet drive. Aaron is greatful. He is always thanking me to which I always reply "its nothing man" again "Thanks for takin me ta see mah daughter brother Jacob!" this time he yells lost somewhere between a desperate yell a cry, I look at my feet. He is crying again hugs me now and stops, very serious and genuine "I've gotta stop cryin, harden up" repeating the advice I almost regret giving him now. He lights one more cigerette as he always does and awkwardly backs away... "I'll call you tomorrow brotha Jacob! (talking through the cottony smoke) We'll go see my brother...I love my brother..."

My friend Aaron.

This is me and my friend Aaron. Aaron is homeless. I hung out with him in the streets of Portland for about a week. I was able to meet his friends and his daughter and ex-wife. Aaron showed me the ins and outs of life without a home, and was able to help me get food for my journey. I'll post a little from my journal about this guy tomorrow.

(This photo was taken by a lady Aaron and I met outside a 7-eleven just before I left for Seattle. Thanks for the photograph Zee.)

by mail

stay in touch with me by mail (as my grandparents do!)

Jake DeShazo
101 Likes Rd
Edgewater, MD 21037

I will return your letters/postcards at this address until August.

camp wabanna edgewater md

I am still waiting on my laptop charger to come in. Once it arrives I will be posting frequently. It is too much of a chore to be in depth using my itouch. Also I am unable to post photos or links. Otherwise the weather here is near perfect the work is fun and I havent spent a penny on food while still eating three meals a day(camp donations from whole foods and leftovers from groups). There is a herd of 30 deer that roams the nieghborhood and 6 pair of osprey on property. Also I will be gardening while I'm here (started today)....


I made it to camp wabanna in edgewater md where I was a councilor last summer. I will be working maintanence here until June.

I haven't slept on a matress or in a heated room in quite some time (save a couple nights on Petes couch last weekend, or seen the temperature go above 55 since Colorado Springs.

My laptop charger will be coming in soon and my film scanner as well. I have about 13 rolls I am looking forward to.


in missoula with will and pete at the university. chicago by friday. maryland by monday or tuesday.

Anxious to head

Though I am having a fantastic time in Portland I am anxious to move again. I have developed a daily routine of getting coffee every morning where I will read a difficult book for 20 minutes or so, write a page of stories and thoughts about the previous day, then pick up a novel or newspaper and sit until my coffee is cold or empty. Mid day I'll go for a long walk around the city which ends at taco bell most days. Afterwards I'll talk to some of the homeless and head back to the van where I'll read until I get sleepy and talk with my friend nich when he comes and goes. Between all these activities is when all the good stories happen, some of which I'll write about when I have a computer handy and a heated room to dictate in.

I couldn't imagine being homeless (or vanless), not to mention jobless. It leaves you with a lot of constructive energy that you don't know what to do with. Reading writing and shooting photos is just enough to keep me sane when I'm not travelling or in school/work. I have urges to build things and fix things when I am sitting still like I am now.

I can't wait for summertime. I will hopefully be doing alot of hiking and travelling and more in the wilderness by foot. The thought of being away from the ever present street lights and 7-elevens kept me up up all night. To sweat, drink sweet tea, and watch the afternoon thunderstorm come in while I sit in a rocking chair on a nameless front porch is a pleasure I look forward to.


In the end gravity will get you. It gets you 8 hours day after the sun disappears. Think about it.

On the lighter side of things pete will be out in a week. Very excited to be in the company of a freind and see the north/midwest for the first time.

There is blood in the water.

Recently I have given a great deal of thought to the way the native Americans were slaughtered and pushed west and people brought from africa against thier will(I say people instead of slaves because they weren't slaves until we called them that and imprisoned them). For some reason I have considerable guilt about the whole thing. Even though I do have native American blood (from both sides) and many of my ancestors were poor as any freed slave I know that I have had more opportunities to succeed and be treated well than "non-white" people.

While this is an increadible country and the most diverse in the world it is difficult for me shake that we became so successful through exploiting people that had no defense(not to mention we did this as Christians).

Just something to think about...

"did you save up for this"

yeah I saved up, its just that I've spent it all. 200 dollars left 2800 miles to go 20 more days till employment

no worries. the next 2k miles gas will be split a few ways


Just traded 25 lbs of rice for fingernail clippers 2 burritos and a laundry bag - its free and can be very useful


words that you never hear, harvested from books the last week


books since jan 27th

Used book stores are common in Portland and there are numerous goodwill stores in the city that are stocked like small librarys. So I can proudly say these were all purchased at prices between .25 and 5 dollars.

Visions of Cody - jack Kerouac
Babbitt - sinclair lewis
one flew over the cookoos nest - ken kesey
sometimes a great notion - ken Kesey
1984 - George Orwell
blue like jazz - donald miller
oryx and crake - margaret Atwood
In search of bisco - erskine Caldwell
inferno - Dante
a portrait of the artist as a young man - James Joyce
walden and civil disobedience - thoreau
Old man and the sea - ernest Hemingway
elmer gantry - sinclair lewis
kidnapped - Robert lewis Stevenson

I have read most of these and the classics (1984 and the like) at least twice and recomend the Kesey and Orwell for some good deep fiction

Very excited to pick through the Dante and Thoreau finally


in Portland until the 19th.

20th pick up pete and friend in Seattle. Hang with andy for a little and camp some.

Get pete and friend back to Chicago by the 30th

Get to camp wabbana in maryland by April first to start job doing maintanence

Right now staying with Nich in Portland shooting photos tomorow morning

In other news.

I have been in Portland the last three or four days. Its very nice and the high concentration of coffee shops and used book stores (you can always see one from the other) alows hours of literature gawking at streetcorner fiddlers and avoiding the local addict on the corner shouting to some invisible adversary across the street.

Portland and New Orleans are my favorite cities.

Paul Harvey

Paul Harvey passed away today.


I slept amazing last night. All the way through 9 in the morning. Sleeping in the van is getting too easy.

Pt. 2 Eugene

After I left Kings Canyon I started back down and across to get to the coast of California. I need to add that the moment I left Death Valley the scenery changed from desert to green grass with lots of cows and sheep. The drive from at the bottom of the Sierras was one of the most remote but most pristine farmland I have ever seen.

San Francisco - My dad used his Mariot points to put me up in a Courtyard for a couple nights in Oakland. I road the train to San Fran the first morning and walked around the city. Its a very expensive city but real nice. The people of course were very different though I have a feeling the Haight St. Ashbury district atracts abnormally large numbers of people who are overly nostalgic of the 60's countercoulture peace movement. I'm sure a lot of these people had very solid politics and great ideas of what they want society to become but the culture seemed based around head shops, record stores and vintage fashion. I found it ironic that while they push so adamantly for change and expansion of the arts that they themselves are the 2009 version of what really occured there. That being said I would still say that there is a greater ratio of well informed interesting people than most places I've been.

Berkley - I road the train to Berkley and walked the campus. I like Berkley a lot and would consider living in that area/going to school there if the opportunity presented itself.

Highway 1 /101/ RedWoods - This has been one of my favorite places. The coastal highway has been good to me despite the constant rain. If I had known the Redwoods would stop all together once I entered Oregon I would have spent a week there. The trees are bigger than you can wrap your mind around. I'll post photos when I get home. I say with confidence that you have to see the redwoods at some point.

Oregon - Once I entered Oregon the people were nice again. I would dare to say Alabama nice. The coast of Oregon really looks more like the coast of Maui without the sunshine.

I'll be headed to Portland in a few days and I'm very excited about it.

I would like to type more out and give more than locations and scenery but there is no chair for this computer and my parking meter is probably up.

I'm in the University of Oregon Library (Eugene)

Since my last update I have been all over the west coast.

Locations since the Grand Canyon:

- on the drive to Zion I missed my highway to cut across on. I ended up taking a side road that would get me back to an interstate, the road ended up being about 60 miles of winding road, taking me up to around 8000 feet. As I got on the road I saw signs warning of heavy deep snow. Ended up taking nearly two hours to make it to the interstate. The snow was about 4 inches and falling fast and the snow banks on the side of the road were about 8 feet tall and created a sort of one lane tunnel to follow.

Zion National Park - Zion was very beautiful. I liked that unlike the Grand Canyon you can actually grasp the size of the canyons that you are in. I was there on valentines day and it seemed a pretty popular place to take your significant other. It was very picturesque but I was bummed out that they had put a road through the middle of the canyon.

Las Vegas - Las Vegas is dirty, even in the nice sections.

Death Valley - Driving towards Death Valley I was looking forward to the hot dry air and the bright sun. I planned on hiking around the park and camping out a few nights. As I entered the park, the moment I passed the sea level sign it began to rain. The rain let up a little and I hiked to some dunes, the moment I got to the dune I was trying to reach it began to thunder and rain. So I hiked back through the rain, hopped in the van and left death valley.

Sequoia/Kings Canyon - in Southwest California close to death valley. I made it up to the park and was told that snow chains were required to make it up to the giant tree grove. This being one of the highlights of my trip bummed me out. So I drove up to the highest point I was aloud to go and attempted to hitchhike the 3 miles to the grove. I was unsuccessful as Southern Californians just aren't that nice. I would have walked but the road was narrowed from the snow and there weren't any safe places to walk. Drove around to the other park entrance along the bottom of the sierras and was met by similar snow warnings, and as much as I wanted to see the trees, the sun was setting and I didn't want to be THAT guy that slid off the mountain.

I will continue with a second post...

Santa fe, flagstaff, grand canyon

I left colorado springs Tuesday morning.

Since then:

Somewhere north new Mexico- met a guy named anthony or something. Saw him waving on the side of the highway so I picked him up. His car had run out of gas. So I took him to get some and back. Very cool guy. Gave me fifteen bucks.

Santa Fe - for some reason I went through Santa fe very quickly. I love northern new Mexico but wasn't feeling it when I drove through. I also Realized there that I'm not in this to see cities. Every city has its interesting points in achitecture and differing ethnicities (alot of native American in the southwest very cool) but other than that it is the same. The same oppresed minorities and the same rich guys in f-350's on their cell phones, the same applebees walmart goodwill hooters holiday in tacobell subway in every other part of the country. No offense Santa fe its not your fault.

Flagstaff - I like flagstaff alot. It is mostly devoid of the typical junk. Flagstaff was fresh out of a blizzard when I arrived. Snow piled up seven feet on the curbs. I got there around sunset and parked in a nieghborhood to take photos of the huge snow drifts and the cars they covered, I realized I was out of film and was approached by a man claiming I put a bunch of clthes in his dumpster. I said he dude that's not my stuff and he said yes it is you areparked in front of it. So I said HEY leave me alone why would I put childrens clothes in your dumpster I'm nineteen so he called the police as I left. I guess I'm wanted in flagstaff now.

Grand canyon - I won't describe it. Go for yourself. I arived there yesterday morning and decided to go for a hike to thecanyon floor and back. Six miles down then six miles up all at a twenty percent grade. Jogged to the bottom and had lunch on the Colorado and started the journey up. A couple miles up I met a guy named Murray, a Jewish atheist with slight autism. Very smart man. He was very experienced and talked with me for thenext four hours. He also let me use one of his poles. A snow storm came in a mile I'd two from the top and Murray started shivering so I drove him back to the lodge. Thanks for all the help Murray.

The van- 8 degrees when I woke up this morning. The last week I've had to suck on my contacts to melt them and often have to wait a few hours before my penut butter unfreezes. Its all good though. I'm warm and I'm sleeping well.

Headed to- zion national park in Utah

Colorado springs

so I am currently in Colorado springs at my uncles place. Well technically I am in my van pirating some Internet in some nieghborhood. Colorado springs is fantastic with a perfect view of pikes peak. When I got here on Thursday night it was 70 degrees but the temp has since dropped. I saw a lot of great stuff on the drive up. I saw cattle ranches, camel ranches, and something like antelope ranches in new Mexico before I turned north to Colorado.

So after I left Birmingham I began the journey west. Going through Shreveport was not eventful and the usual southern landscape with the exception of some swamps. I got in to texas and started taking my time on Tuesday. I also saw some huge windmill farms.

The west overall is amazing and hundreds of times larger than you imagine. I'll say more about this when I'm not typing on this itouch.

Van sleeping. Sleeping in the van is interesting. Finding spots to sleep is sometimes difficult and frustrating but is rewarding when you wake up with 30 extra bucks of course the sacrifice is waking up to squealing breaks and frozen food and water not to mention not having showers available. Washing in a public restroom can be frustrating.

Again, expect a more thurough update soon assuming I find a computer.

Will be leaving for santa fe as soon as my health insurance card arrives.

Birmingham, AL

In Birmingham at UAB Library currently.

Leaving Alabama tomorrow to head in the general direction of Colorado Springs.

Athens, Tennessee

in Athens Tennessee and just saw marks new baby. An amazing experience seeing a good freind that has a child (2 weeks old)

Last night I stayed with my friend caleb at lee university. The night before last we(jon,colin,andcaleb and myself) stayed up all night and went up this sweet mountain as a cold front came in and they all passed the guitar around and sang songs that they had written. Good times.

Tonight I'm headed up to covenant college to chill with the newmans and hopefully take a shower and change clothes.

Will be headed to Birmingham after that.

Look up some books called foxfire,its an organization that researched the methods of mountain people and the ways that they maintained self sufficiency along with some great dialouge by the locals they interview.


My Facebook has reached 666 friends.
Simultaneously my Flickr reached 111 friends.

A thrift store gave me a mattress.
My great aunt gave me 100 dollars.
My old youth pastor gave me 50 dollars.
I still have books to sell.
My tax return is ready to be filed.
I sold the TV.
I didn't die fooling around with my fully corroded battery.
Free De-icer fluid for my windshield.
25 lbs of rice for 11 dollars.

still official

to do list

change oil
round out diet
wash clothes


leaving tuesday

to do list

replace van battery
add some cold weather windsheild fluid
wash clothes
round out diet

show and tell

one time at my old job at the catfish ranch i got in the front of one of these

with one of these

rode around and cut these



updated trip map

updated trip map is subject to intense modification, reversal, or may be completely disregarded

View Larger Map

A real good inauguration.

First of all I have to throw out a disclaimer that will hopefully apply to the entire post, I am not a political person. I believe the government should keep me and my friends safe and otherwise keep out of my business.

This performance of the new work composed by John Williams, "Air and Simple Gifts." by Yo-Yo Ma along with Itzhak Perlman on violin, Gabriela Montero on piano and Anthony McGill on clarinet was siqq. It really highlighted the whole Americana of the moment.

To me just the fact that that beautiful piece of music was included in the inauguration was a huge reminder of all things awesome about this country, along with the closing of Rev. Lowery's benediction speech...

Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get back, when brown can stick around -- (laughter) -- when yellow will be mellow -- (laughter) -- when the red man can get ahead, man -- (laughter) -- and when white will embrace what is right.

Let all those who do justice and love mercy say amen.


REV. LOWERY: Say amen --


REV. LOWERY: -- and amen.

AUDIENCE: Amen! (Cheers, applause.)


been thinkin

i'm gonna have a lot of fun out there. also my posts have been sliding because i'm tired of talking about myself, or writing or posting something i'll be proud of later. man i don't even like answering questions.


some photos from may 2007


I took these photos in May 2007 on a trip to Greece. I regret that this is the only roll of film I have from the trip. The rest are digital.

for money

i'm gonna sell my blood


i officially dont have my moms support for my trip, i'm doin it anyways.

photos from wetumpka and stuff before that

stuff from day before wetumpka trip started

From Wetumpka

not as gay as it looks

took night shots for 1st time

burned some pine needles w/pete and andrew @ andrews on new years morning

visited 3 caves

From Super Crap

Will be appearing as "dismantle" in the next update of

Thanks Lindley. :)



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