August & November 2006

Sunday, November 12, 2006


no progress on college. i am now more unsure than ever what i want to do or where i should go. but i know what i DONT want to do. i dont want to work in an office. i dont want to live in a suburb. and i dont want to do the same job my whole life. i dont want to be a hermit and i will never be one of those old poeple that retire and sit around till they die. and thats all i'm sure of right now. so bassicaly nothings changed

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

nothing to loose
Current mood: determined

in a year i'm leaving , in one year i wont be hear . in a year i'll be gone from all my family and friends. honestyl i 'mnot sure what i'm doing or where i'm going .

emt perimedic? graphic design? photog?.

i dont want to do the typical 4 year at aub . you cant come home twice so why even try. i know it will be dif. poeple will change. my family and parents will change just like they have been for the last 17 years.

i will make whereever i am home. if that means boulder colorado ausome. maui? sweet SCAD oh yeah . peacecorps, mission work . i can deal with that.

who cares if i make 50 grand less than my dad or the guy next door. as long as i'm happy with my situation. thats all i want honestly is to move on and see whats out there.

happyness will come if you work for it. screw watching tv and playing video games . dude go climb a tree. or plant a garden . its easy to find satisfaction in the smallest things. you've got nothing to loose. i'm not running away from huntsvegas or my family and friends i'm just looking for whatever i can find. theres nothing to loose.

everyone shoot me some ideas

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