some kind of vortex

i feel like i'm about to get pulled into that photography vortex. the one where all the sudden you start emulating others works and start taking more and more unrealistic photos of the world.

so here is my idea. ignore it. i'm going to ignore ever part of me that tells me to recenter that last shot, move that object over there to achieve a superior photograph. when my hair blows in front of the lens i won't move it out of the way. if my finger happens to be there screw it. if the lighting is poor i will use that in camera flash. i will make a point to include myself or parts of myself (feet, legs, bike, car) in some photos because thats just as much as the scene as the scene itself.

that being said, i'm not abandoning the decent photograph. i will be taking pictures of all things that i personally notice, not things that i think other people would pat my back for capturing. most of this is going to happen at sunrise and sunset.

i'll shut up. here.

first some bonfire photos

the creek

a human train for christ

cha cha slide for christ

soldier boy for christ

things that caught my eye

thing was shiny on lindsays balcony in the morning

on the edge of a helipad this afternoon

my van undisclosed location

2267 awesome mistakes file

canopy on the north side

some chairs behind jeffries car wash north side

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