a garden outback, an orchard out front

trees, bark, sinew, shorn wool, pine needles, stale air, crisp leaves, sharp cold, new boots, old boots, a broken laptop, an inconsistant cell phone, a cheap camera, a found suitcase, a damaged minivan, moms old roadbike, a perfect cobweb, a hand rolled cigeratte or a thrift store pipe, cheap jacket, a sweater and a button down, jeans on thier last thread, a sunday campfire, memories of powerboats and orphans, hopping a train, hitching a ride, buying the ticket, committing the life

A domesticated fox on the backporch, a garden outback, an orchard out front, a sewing machine beside the wash tub, the clothes line between the dogwoods, the willows draped into the pond where the catfish mill about eating thier sweet corn feed hitting the top of the water while the storm gathers overhead. I'll put the ladder under the house and pull the tractor in the shed. Lets watch the storm swirl the red dust and the rain will come down in sheets, thrashing the trees shedding thier bark, snapping their sinew, the cotton blowing in like shorn wool over the pine needles and the crisp leaves, the sharp cold replaces the stale air and I change back into my old boots...

I head out the door my new boots in the fireplace, a cheap jacket on my shoulders and a black sweater over a starch white shirt. The wet coals, the memories of orphans I pulled behind powerboats and taught about Baby moses floating downt the Nile, and I grab my pipe packed for the back of a grain car I'll hop just after I scalp this ticket bought for more pretentious destinations.


diana said...

this is beautiful. made my night.

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