Consider This

Most of us spent the last two years of highschool being hounded by family and friends about applying for schools. Consider this. Do you really need 16 years of education to be a happy person?

People are telling me that I should grin and bear it.

Tell me, what good is that?

When has grin and bear it ever been the philosophy of a happy person?

The way I see it if I don't have a drive, passion, or use for something, isn't it just a lie to do it for the merit? In order for me to perform well in an area I have to emerse myself in it. I have to make it a part of myself. I am incapable of doing something and not being effected by the something.

So by this I am saying that I refuse to make something a part of me that doesn't belong there. It is effectively the equivilent of brainwashing myself. Making myself believe that what is going on is important, when clearly every part of me is not into it.

I really don't think employment was ever intended to be the most meaningful thing in life, something that it has clearly become. It doesn't seem right to me.

I would love to have a passion for something that I could get a degree in. I would kill for that, it would make things far easier.

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