Cars are easier to take pictures of. - AE-1

I realize things happen for a reason , sometimes it takes 24 hours to find that out (like this weekend). Other times it takes weeks, months, years. I'm not well disposed to deal with the latter.

I'm temporarily at a dead end.

If you would like to assign purpose and intrinsic value to my life you can contact me at 256-684-2752 or on the web @

I've been shooting.

I shot a 36 roll of ektacrome on a hodge-podge of things in Birmingham. It is going to Wolf Camera's "Labs" right now and won't be back till early December.

I am halfway through a roll on the point and shoot.

I have 5 rolls of cheap film ready to shoot and one roll of slides.

I am looking to get a fixed lens for the digital Rebel and a film scanner to cut down on costs.

Never mind that you didn't read it.

I finished Running With Scissors. The book was total chaos, I loved it. I couldn't help but notice that even though Augusten felt like he was gay since he was a kid, he didn't have any functional straight men in his life, and was alienated by his father from the age of eight. It makes a pretty good case for environmental causes instead of genetic predisposition.

Saturday Morning 1994.

I watched him intently. Every adjustment, every procedure, soon there would be a strong pulling at the cord and the weedeater would storm to life. Safety goggles on, ear protection protecting, close toed shoes enveloping, and tattered clothing of choice, my dad was always concious of safety. I take my fingers out of my ears and sprint past the dehydrator, drying rings of apples from the backyard, and an assortment of sliced bannana. Clipping the helmet on to my head, I make special attention to not pinch my chin. Adults never knew how to do it properly, so I always did it myself. I have scabs on both my knees and the handlebars on my bike are angled wildly and lacking any rubber grips on account of my stunt work.

Down the sidewalk I would race, through the back yard to Dr. Tates house, where she would be grooming her dalmations. Dozens of dalmations. Gunner her top dog, had won first place in the nation among dalmations. I sold her a candy bar last weekend and she handed it right back to me and told me to brush my teeth after I ate it (She was also my dentist). Tony, her husband, could be spotted in the distance Saturday after Saturday pushing an old grain silo over the hill toward the house with his old cranky bulldozer. He was going to be using it as a storage shed if he could ever get it close enough to the house.

It was finally 8 a.m., I time myself racing to Nathan and Thomases house. Seventeen seconds, new world record. I give my signature three knocks and Mrs. Newman lets me in. Like every Saturday she tells me to go wake up her boys, they're not alowed to sleep past eight. Soon enough I'm eyeballing the cinamin toast crunch and poptarts on the table. If I'm lucky, Mrs. Newman will forget I'm not allowed sugary things like this at home. No luck.

Mr. Newman enlists our help as soon as we step out the door, he is ready to mow the lawn and the trampoline will soon be in the way. After our chores and a few rounds of HORSE and Around the World on thier basketball goal, I spot my dad halfway across the nieghbors yard. A shrill whistle and a wave is all it takes to part me from my game. Chicken salad sandwich time.


Running With Scissors - Augusten Burroughs

Running with scissors.

Dr. Finch: Everyone! Come quickly! Wake up! Wake up! A miracle! A miracle! A miracle has occured!

Agnes Finch: What're you looking at?

Natalie: Dad's morning shit.

Dr. Finch: See? See how the duplicoil is breaking out of the surface of the water? Holy Father.

Agnes Finch: Doctor, let me draw you a nice bath.

Dr. Finch: Agnes, go get a shoehorn. A shoehorn, Agnes.

Hope: But what does it mean, Dad?

Dr. Finch: It means our financial situation is turning around. It means things are looking upward. Literally, the shit is pointing out of the pot! Towards Heaven, to God. My turd is a direct communication from the Holy Father.
[Augusten and Natalie try to hide their laughter]

Dr. Finch: No, no, no, no, children. No. Laugh. Laugh! God is... He is the funniest man in the universe. Agnes, I want you to carefully remove this, take it outside, and let it dry in the sun. We're starting a shrine, Agnes. A shrine. Hope, let's prepare.

Next semester.

Next semester I will be in Huntsville.

I've got to go change my oil, and get a battery for the camera.

P.S. - I got the AE-1 and found a couple rolls of slide film in my room.

For real though.

Good posture is so attractive.

Females 5' - 5' 6"

All females with attractive disposition upright posture. Do apply.

Changed the color of my blog.

That black layout was gettin me down.

It would only be fair

if everyone just let go for a minute, took off thier blinders, smashed thier mirrors, and stopped getting haircuts. Things would be better.

Financial Update

Every stock in my portfolio is at a 52 week low.

Good news? They are all making profits, and their earnings for this quarter will be released later this week.

Most stocks are currently trading at fractions of their actual value. That means that even though the actual value of a stock may be $10 per share the percieved value could be as low as $2 dollars a share. This is rediculous, however as soon as logic takes over once again in the coming months things will be fine and dandy. Money is wack.

google knows whats up

that last post

it wore me out

p.s. - that photography post, i probably won't follow through with the idea i had, but i am trying to find a meaningful series to shoot - i'll get the AE-1 in a week

Consider This

Most of us spent the last two years of highschool being hounded by family and friends about applying for schools. Consider this. Do you really need 16 years of education to be a happy person?

People are telling me that I should grin and bear it.

Tell me, what good is that?

When has grin and bear it ever been the philosophy of a happy person?

The way I see it if I don't have a drive, passion, or use for something, isn't it just a lie to do it for the merit? In order for me to perform well in an area I have to emerse myself in it. I have to make it a part of myself. I am incapable of doing something and not being effected by the something.

So by this I am saying that I refuse to make something a part of me that doesn't belong there. It is effectively the equivilent of brainwashing myself. Making myself believe that what is going on is important, when clearly every part of me is not into it.

I really don't think employment was ever intended to be the most meaningful thing in life, something that it has clearly become. It doesn't seem right to me.

I would love to have a passion for something that I could get a degree in. I would kill for that, it would make things far easier.

i've gotta get a fox

i'm on the brink of setting some traps.

some kind of vortex

i feel like i'm about to get pulled into that photography vortex. the one where all the sudden you start emulating others works and start taking more and more unrealistic photos of the world.

so here is my idea. ignore it. i'm going to ignore ever part of me that tells me to recenter that last shot, move that object over there to achieve a superior photograph. when my hair blows in front of the lens i won't move it out of the way. if my finger happens to be there screw it. if the lighting is poor i will use that in camera flash. i will make a point to include myself or parts of myself (feet, legs, bike, car) in some photos because thats just as much as the scene as the scene itself.

that being said, i'm not abandoning the decent photograph. i will be taking pictures of all things that i personally notice, not things that i think other people would pat my back for capturing. most of this is going to happen at sunrise and sunset.

i'll shut up. here.

first some bonfire photos

the creek

a human train for christ

cha cha slide for christ

soldier boy for christ

things that caught my eye

thing was shiny on lindsays balcony in the morning

on the edge of a helipad this afternoon

my van undisclosed location

2267 awesome mistakes file

canopy on the north side

some chairs behind jeffries car wash north side

whats goin on here

i need something different today

fennec foxes

i have got to have a pet fox. to anyone that is reading this if you know how to get a fox hit me up. its been on my brain for at least a month now. this happened when i pierced my ears. it was on my mind for about six months. and i got them pierced. now they are gauged to 0's. this is rediculous. this is rediculous.


i've noticed that if i don't do something for somebody it is likely that they will never do anything for me.

look what i found at 6 a.m. november 7, 2008


green truck

dead bird

red leaf

white trombone

civil rights park
From 6 a.m.


routinely visited websites

Wasting a roll.

Birmingham Alabama.

Last night I sat up with Ashley at the front desk.

Earlier today I took a bike tour of the city on this.

I used my point and shoot to capture these photos of something you might see if you were alone in the bad part of town, and not in a hurry. In reality they aren't very realistic.

Big wall. Unidentified debree. Thanks CVS.

Blue bricks.


Do not pee here.

Never parking there.

Back of a local baber shop.

A couple. (people)

Little tree in park.
From Wasting a roll.

cheap film

Time for some cheap film to load into my Kodak and new AE-1, that I will recieve in a week or two. Also my Flickr has been gutted, loaded, and updated. Parting with photo's on there dating back to 05 and 06 was painful. At the encouraging hand of Pete Halupka I'll be creating a new body of work. Thankyou.


So I got these photo's taken with my kodak point and shoot developed at CVS I believe, though I'm really not sure. I had them put straight to CD, and since I dont have a computer currently I loaded them from Lindsays mac directly to my Google account. Okay, now that I'm done making escuses for poor quality, here are some photos of the weekend raw and unapologetic.

Pete and Diana - self explainitory on the car ride to the Madison Cemetary

Grave robbing

Grave robbing.

Pete - watching Diana disapeer on the horizon


There they go

Pete and Diana
From Weekends

a garden outback, an orchard out front

trees, bark, sinew, shorn wool, pine needles, stale air, crisp leaves, sharp cold, new boots, old boots, a broken laptop, an inconsistant cell phone, a cheap camera, a found suitcase, a damaged minivan, moms old roadbike, a perfect cobweb, a hand rolled cigeratte or a thrift store pipe, cheap jacket, a sweater and a button down, jeans on thier last thread, a sunday campfire, memories of powerboats and orphans, hopping a train, hitching a ride, buying the ticket, committing the life

A domesticated fox on the backporch, a garden outback, an orchard out front, a sewing machine beside the wash tub, the clothes line between the dogwoods, the willows draped into the pond where the catfish mill about eating thier sweet corn feed hitting the top of the water while the storm gathers overhead. I'll put the ladder under the house and pull the tractor in the shed. Lets watch the storm swirl the red dust and the rain will come down in sheets, thrashing the trees shedding thier bark, snapping their sinew, the cotton blowing in like shorn wool over the pine needles and the crisp leaves, the sharp cold replaces the stale air and I change back into my old boots...

I head out the door my new boots in the fireplace, a cheap jacket on my shoulders and a black sweater over a starch white shirt. The wet coals, the memories of orphans I pulled behind powerboats and taught about Baby moses floating downt the Nile, and I grab my pipe packed for the back of a grain car I'll hop just after I scalp this ticket bought for more pretentious destinations.


I'm having a blast. Major update when my laptop is back working and film gets developed.