Much information on dreams last night.

The sky is gray. I was in a dark blue SUV, Cordero, my room mate was driving, Justin, my roommate last year was in the back. We approached a steep muddy embankment as we drove through a field. There was this white guy, pale, malnourished, wearing a dirty white T and black pants with an over sized torn black jacket. Standing halfway up the embankment with his hand in his jacket as if he had a gun. He appeared from nowhere and stared right at us, Cordero swerved and told Justin to jump out and get him to move. Justin sprinted towards him screaming obscenities and the guy didn't move and Justin ran off to the side saying that the gun is fake. I made eye contact with the man. Suddenly he rushed toward the car with in-human speed and threw a long dirty serated knife at me. The knife sliced through the metal door and straight into my chest, pinning my two hands(palms facing my body, right hand over left) to my heart. I could feel the sting in my chest and hands, and began to get weak and lost conciousness.


I was in a warehouse that was filled with about 3-4 feet of water. I was standing on some stairs watching the huge fish swim around, mostly giant catfish and carp. I walked down the stairs and got in a canoe and paddled with my hands over to a wall and began reaching in the water trying to wrestle the giant fish into the canoe. Different family members began appeared and began warning me to stop making them mad. then the water drew back and the canoe flipped. A thirty foot shark (looked like a mutalated hammerhead)was barelling towards me. I ran through the waist deep water and out a small opening into the sunlight in a smaller pool with fish circling and the giant shark turned around, by this time all the fish had turned into sharks.

And thats it...

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