Something that happened on Tuesday

Last night I got stuck in the Arts and Humanities Bathroom. A police officer locked me in while I was in there. I waited a while conjuring up different ways I could spend the right night in there. I mean, I had a good sweater, food, water, books and entertainment in my backpack and the bathroom was super clean. After about ten minutes of enjoying the silence and discovering the unlocking mechanism was broken I called the UAB police from my cell. Explained to the operator my conundrum with a few laughs and she sent someone to unlock it. Five more minutes and the officer let me out, instead of enjoying the humor he asked me "didn't you hear me lock it up?" I said "well yeah but I was on the toilet". Him and his assistant officer started at me blankly. I think they thought I was an art queer waiting to solicit some action. Something about the emotionless exchange threw me in to a weird bitter funk. I thanked them and walked away.

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