At the Salvation Army.

Today at the salvation army I was in line behind a very pretty girl. When she was checking out she turned around and looked at me and she was gorgeous. It was one of those weird moments, we both looked down. I really wanted to talk to her but I have no desire to get involved with women(thats what I tell myself). She ended up pulling out of her parking space as I pulled out of mine. She stared at me or what felt like a stare as she passed. Times like this I want to know what someone else is thinking. Am I just a creep? Is she aware of anything that just occurred back there? I don't think I've been this single since I hit puberty. I want a wife (I think?) I know I want kids. Its just hard to imagine or justify it as a good idea right now. We'll see.

This is a photo I took at a wedding a couple years ago. This couple dated for ten years and had two kids before this wedding. This is one of their kids.

Their little girl.

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Jamie Lynn said...

Hey Prayer Partner!

You have a true talent with photography. I'm jealous!

And talk to her next time silly.. at least say hello!

Miss you!