The DNA of Nation

This country is made up of the most adventurous, quick thinking, scheming, and survivalist DNA in the world. This is where the restless and enterprising of every nation have come together to find what their place of origin could not provide. In this country historically if we can't find a way. We make a way.

So now what? What do we do with a nation of young people, inadvertently bred for adventure, in a Nation that does not have the allowance left for it. We have pioneered music and stretched the boundaries of art, we have pioneered science, some have pioneered sex, and many have explored the world of drugs, and Generation X has come and gone, Gen Y is weary and broke. The youth of America historically does not settle for less than pushing the boundaries their parents have put in front of them.

Someone show me the next frontier.

P.S. I have a feeling I could look decades back and see some long haired kid scribbling this same sort of thing down and mailing it to a friend on the opposite coast, same DNA, same restless fingers writing.

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