I'm praising God that mercy triumphs over judgment.
I love graffiti because its so ridiculous.

The DNA of Nation

This country is made up of the most adventurous, quick thinking, scheming, and survivalist DNA in the world. This is where the restless and enterprising of every nation have come together to find what their place of origin could not provide. In this country historically if we can't find a way. We make a way.

So now what? What do we do with a nation of young people, inadvertently bred for adventure, in a Nation that does not have the allowance left for it. We have pioneered music and stretched the boundaries of art, we have pioneered science, some have pioneered sex, and many have explored the world of drugs, and Generation X has come and gone, Gen Y is weary and broke. The youth of America historically does not settle for less than pushing the boundaries their parents have put in front of them.

Someone show me the next frontier.

P.S. I have a feeling I could look decades back and see some long haired kid scribbling this same sort of thing down and mailing it to a friend on the opposite coast, same DNA, same restless fingers writing.

I'd love to slip out the back.

Do you ever get the desire to vanish, do something absurd, then show back up and never tell anyone about it?

My definition of desire.

Desire is - Want, a feeling that presses to accomplish, the sudden realization that you aren't where you want to be, lawless, bound by a your circumstances, madness.

Has the ability to - Bring time to a crawl, accelerate the future, and distort the past. Turn the layman into a reverend, brings the hopeless to fulfillment, sports a gamblers grin.

A man without it isn't a man at all, but the fool that embraces it, he holds great potential.

I didn't feel like writing that last post.

I'm going to write about Vikings

Vikings. The word automatically draws a hearty grunt out of any self respecting man and leaves the common woman in a vast sea of indifference. Vikings, great men of endurance. Incredible feats of mass murder and the greatest rowers of all time. They wore animal pelts, and metal hats covered in leather and wooden trinkets. They were the first pirates. Thats all I have about Vikings.

Books I'm Reading

Book I'm Currently Reading

In Touch - By John Steinbeck IV (Steinbecks son). Its a novel but more accurately an autobiography of sorts. Steinbeck documents his experience being drafted into the Vietnam War in a changing America of 1966. He unashamedly recounts his experience with Vietnamese hookers and marijuana, and describes his personal views on the subjects and his encounters with law enforcement and Congress when he returns to the states. I'm almost through with this book and greatly adore his insight as a young American into the futility of U.S. law.

Books I'm about to start...

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - Ken Kesey. The book the movie was based on about being in a mental institution in the late fifties. Kesey wrote this out of his own experiences as an orderly in a California mental hospital.

On The Road - Jack Kerouac. Jack wrote this book as a deliberate product of the beatnick generation. Traveling the country by thumb (hitchhiking) with friends and journaling his experiences then subsequently writing the book in a three week period on a single 120 foot long sheet of paper fed through a typewriter in his parents home. Should be a crazy book.

Sun Also Rises
- Hemingway. A fictitious novel about a few friends in the 1920's who get out and see the world in post War Spain. Its regarded as on of the defining novels of that generation.

Epistemic Dimensions of Personhood
- Evnine. All I know about this book is the title is intense, I thumbed through it and it looks like an insanely thorough look at what it means to be a person.

If you've read this far you'll notice all these books with the exception of Evine have a certain theme, and there are a few things I am trying to accomplish by reading them.

1. I want to understand rebellion, and the forms in which it appeared, in every major generation.

2. I want to see this from the point of view of a person that experienced and actively participated in the rebellion and explore the justification which they present.

3. It allows me to learn from their foolishness but also from their unabashed ability to fight against closemindedness and establish "justice".

4. Its best to learn through history.

What I saw today, and why I wrote about it.

"Saturday, six o'clock. Under the bridge the railroad crosses under. Graffiti on the walls, graffiti on the train. I've developed a new affinity for creation over the last months but not much has rivaled the view that I now am presented with. The sun is deep in the west and there is a cloudless light rain gently falling on this broken city. There is a rainbow at my back..."

That was some of what I jotted down this afternoon at the end of a bicycular excursion of sorts in a red moleskin journal I've been keeping lately.

 Why do we write? Why do we feel the need to create and record these thoughts? I think it is the unencumbered freedom one gains when censorship is thrown out the window. It is the ability to comunicate an entire idea from begining to end without a shift of subject or an arguement being aroused. In any respectable social situation the verbal comunication of such complex thoughts, metaphorical stories, or descriptive narations would be cast aside in a moment. Could it be that the voice of the wordsmith has been silenced? 

Bucket List

As age comes and college years pass, as summers roll through and jobs come and go I suddenly realize the rate at which time accelerates itself. I am only nineteen and have spent a whopping year and a quarter at college, yet I’ve watched countless people, friends, acquaintances, and people that may not even know my name graduate, fail out, and quite literally drop off the plane of youthful existence. This honestly terrifies me. But perhaps it’s not terror I feel. Maybe, it’s the discomfort of ever an ever impending end to the structured lifestyle.

 It is the structured lifestyle so many of us resent and rebel against. While some of you have chosen to embrace this aspect of college life (something I have unending respect for) there are a large number of us that float through this world of classes and majors aching to find some way to earmark these years as a great expedition, for fear of spending the remainder of our sixty some odd years in deep regret over lost opportunities to see and experience the world we strive to understand. Having said this I’ll stop philosophizing on what you may or may not feel about these four (maybe) short years and give you a list of things I’d like to see myself accomplish but more preferably experience before God forbid, I find myself sitting in a wheel chair at the local senior center with nothing to reflect on and no stories to tell my Grandchildren. Enjoy.

(Some)Things I Want To Do With My Life

·         Hike the Appalachian Trail

·         Bike an Extraordinarily Long Distance

·         Take a Train to a Big City

·         Take a Bus to a Big City, and Tour it on a Bike

·         Own and Operate a Scooter/Moped

·         Go on an Extended Mission to Serve a Less Fortunate Community

·         Try Living With no Money

·         Never Be in Debt

·         Become a Skilled Guitar Player

·         Learn to Play Piano

·         Write a Couple Songs

·         Write a Narrative on Something

·         Float an Entire River

·         Climb Up the Side of a Huge Canyon

·         Build a House

I greatly desire to have a faithful loving wife and a family to share all of this with, but feel that it’s not my place to say when or how that climacteric moment will come to pass.

These are just some of the goals that linger in my mind, and I pray that the Lord guides me so that I’m able to do these things under the Banner of Truth as to serve him and not merely satisfy myself. Thanks for reading.