Should I restart this blog?

Looks like a lot of people follow it, but I haven't posted in about a year.

For the last year I have done construction, taken classes and done another summer at Wabanna. Now I'm in school/on the job hunt again. I have been trying to write lately, if that goes well I'll post some excerpts here. Nothing new really with photography...

To those who have never seen where I live...

Most nights are spent with windows open, most nights I fall asleep to the sound of the ocean. Every night driving in I count the deer, of which I typically count 10 or 20. There are large number of foxes on the property and I can come within just a few paces of most of them. Its very dark here at night and I commonly see shooting stars. I look out my window in one direction and see the bay, on the other I see the river.
just read breakfast of champions by kurt vonnegut

Chicago for the coming weekend. Will be a nice break from school and work.


I listened to Yeasayer in a vague sense a while back and finally burned a their cd and put it in my car a few days ago and .... listen.... @ 2:30

I have decided recently to live here in Maryland. I will be enrolling in school tomorrow morning. My address is the same as the Maryland address in the previous entry.
This summer I will be a camp counselor for 7-10 year old boys(as I was last year). Its called Camp Wabanna, and starting June 2nd its best that you reach me by mail at...

Jake DeShazo
101 Likes Rd.
Edgewater, Md 21037

...until August 8th.
for sale: around 10000 baseball cards. about 2000 are other sports.
a man named Kim gave this to me on the chinatown bus, he said it changed his life. click to make it bigger.